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Lavender Scented Village

Lavender gardens are located on Kuyucak Village of Keciborlu. Kuyucak Village is 50 kms away from Isparta City Center, 25 kms away from Süleyman Demirel Airport and 10 kms away from Antalya-Istanbul Highway. The village is a place where the landscape of Burdur Lake can be viewed as a result of its high location.

Lavender, planted in 5000 decares in Kuyucak Village, usually blooms in the first days of July even if seasonal conditions effect the timing. Lavender cultivating period lasts between the last days of July and the middays of August.

90% of lavender production of Turkey is produced in Kuyucak Village. The farmers sell lavenders as bouquets when they bloomed or after drying process, send them as dried flowers to the factories to produce soap, cream, oil, cologne for customers.

Lavender and lavender based products have different usage areas such as sedative effects on nerves, treating sleep disorders, curing acne, rheumatism and muscle aches, strengthening hair roots, keeping away harmful insects from homes and dresses, giving nice scent. Lavender tea has also nice scent and sedative effect.

The purple colored fields in the bloossom time of lavenders are most suitable areas for photography. Hiking, cycling and photography activities can be done in the village in the blooming time.